Đại lý phân phối ABB

OTD Automation là nhà phân phối các sản phẩm ABB tại Việt Nam

Hiện nay chúng tôi phân phối các sản phẩm ABB gồm:

ABB Ability
Advanced services
Air insulated switchgear (high voltage)
Air insulated switchgear (medium voltage)
Aluminium solutions
Analytical measurement
Arc fault protection (medium voltage)
Automotive solutions
Azipod propulsion

Building technologies
Cable accessories
Cable distribution cabinets
Cable management
Cables (high voltage)
Capacitors and filters (power quality)
Cement solutions
Chemical solutions
Circuit breakers (low voltage)
Circuit breakers (medium voltage)
Collaborative production management
Communication networks
Compact secondary substations (CSS)
Conduit and fittings
Connection devices
Connectivity and grounding
Contactors (medium voltage)
Control panels
Control room solutions
Control systems (distributed)
Converters for grid interconnections
Conveyor components
Cooling systems (industrial and power transmission applications)
Couplings (mechanical power transmission)
Crane services

Data centers
Diesel engine measurement
Diodes (power)
Disconnectors (high voltage)
Disconnectors (medium voltage)
Distribution automation
Distribution transformers
Door entry systems
Drives (DC)
Drives (low voltage AC)
Drives (medium voltage AC)
Dry-type transformers

Electric vehicle charging
Electrical boxes (low voltage)
Electrical houses (e-houses)
Electromechanical relays (medium voltage)
Enclosed switches (low voltage)
Enclosures (low voltage)
End of life services
Energy management software
Energy storage (medium and high voltage power grids)
Energy storage modules (medium voltage)
Engineering and consulting
Enterprise software
Explosion protective components (low voltage)
Extensions, upgrades and retrofits

FACTS (Flexible AC Transmission System)
Fault current limiting (medium voltage)
Feeder protection and control
Flatness control
Flexible AC transmission systems
Flow measurement
Food and beverage
Fusegear (low voltage)
Fuses and cutouts (medium voltage)

Gas insulated switchgear (high voltage)
Gas insulated switchgear (medium voltage)
Gearing (mechanical power transmission)
Generator circuit breakers (for power plants)
Grid automation
GTOs (gate turn-off thyristors)

High voltage cables
High voltage direct current transmission
High voltage products
Home automation
Hydrokinetic converters

i-bus KNX

IGBT and diode modules
Industrial plugs and sockets
Installation and commissioning
Installation boxes (low voltage residential wiring)
Instrument transformers (high voltage)
Instrument transformers (medium voltage)
Insulation (high voltage)
Intelligent building systems
Isolators (medium voltage)

Level measurement
Life sciences solutions
Light switches
Lightning protection
Low voltage products and systems

Marine and ports solutions
Marine propulsion
Marine vessel solutions
Measurement and analytics
Mechanical power transmission
Medium voltage products
Metallurgy products
Metals solutions
Microgrid solutions
Mining solutions
Mobile substations
Modular DIN-rail products
Modular medium and low voltage systems
Motor control centers (medium voltage)
Motor controllers (low voltage)
Motor protection and control (low voltage)
Motor protection and control (medium voltage)
Motor starters

Network management

Offshore wind connections
Oil, gas and chemical solutions
Operating mechanisms (high voltage circuit breakers)

Port and cargo terminals solutions
Power consulting
Power converters and inverters
Power distribution solutions
Power electronics
Power generation solutions
Power semiconductors
Power supplies
Power transformers
Power transmission solutions
Pressure measurement
Printing solutions
Process automation
Process controllers (loop controllers)
Process indicators
Process recorders
Programmable logic controllers (PLCs)
Propulsion systems (marine)
Pulp and paper solutions

Railway solutions
Railway substation modules
Railway switchgear
Railway traction converters
Reactors (power transmission)
Reclosers (medium voltage)
Relays (power distribution)
RobotStudio software
Roll force measurement

Safety (machine)
Safety (process)
Safety solutions
Safety systems (process control systems)
Sectionalizers (medium voltage)
Semiconductors (power)
Sensors (current and voltage, for low voltage)
Sensors (medium voltage)
Socket outlets
Soft starters
Solar inverters
Solar power solutions
Spares and consumables
Strain gauge weighing
Strip tension measurement
Strip width and position measurement
Substation automation protection and control
Substations (mobile)
Surge arresters (high voltage)
Surge arresters (medium voltage)
Surge voltage suppressors (power semiconductors)
Switches (low voltage)
Switches (medium voltage)
Switchgear (cassettes and frames for constructing)
Switchgear (medium voltage)
Switchgear (railway)
Switchgear (wind turbines)
Synchronous motors

Temperature measurement
Terminal blocks
Thickness measurement
Traction converters
Traction motors and generators
Transformer components

UPS (uninterruptible power supply)
Vacuum interrupters (medium voltage)
Voltage indicator (presence indicator, medium voltage)
Water solutions
Web tension measurement
Wind power solutions
Wind turbine converters
Wind turbine generators
Wind turbine switchgear
Wire management
Wiring duct and trunking

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