Van điện từ SXE9573-A71-00K

Yamatake C35TV0UA1000
Wika Vietnam Pressure transmitter Model S-20
Pressure range: 0…600 bar gauge
Non-linearity: 0.25% BFSL
Sealing: NBR permitted media temperature: –
W4943 RMS160-60 13250361
W4943 RSM125-90 13250760
W4943 RSRV180-60 13261185
Sew pinion shaft 3.25 15 78.8  D2= 150 95818
Sew shaft 3.5 22 90 222 92096
Sew 3.5-78 286 75 90085
Sew 25-31 0 0 – 0 D2=150 91448
Balluff BTL7-E100-M0100-B-S32
Order code: BTL06YL
Yamatake VietnamModel: C15TCOLA0200
QABP112M6A IP55 2.2KW-6P 380V/5~50~100HZ B3
QABP132M4A IP55 7.5KW-4P 380V/5~50~100HZ B3
In addition to the tail with separate cooling fan, don’t add other accessories;
Conditions of use: not more than 15 ℃ ~ + 40 ℃, the altitude does not exceed 1000 m;
Clearly confirmed RED-Noted before order
No: 00064208
type 0280 A 13,0 BB MS GM83 230 50 08 JF01
Type: CIMR-AT4A0088
Note: CIMR-ABXXXXX is made in China Inverter. And, we are offered a product
Size 20/017.000.2
Art. 8180160
Code: 8290-184
Note: Not include labor for install, testing & commissioning at site
Toho Seisakusho VietnamModel: XS-400B-03, DC24
Wise VietnamConverted by:
Model: P252
Code: P2524A3EDH13430
Correct: MAN-RFACB4M1
Code: MAN-RF22ACM1
Code: P2524A3EDH02630
Type: QM/48/19J/21
Type: SXE9573-A71-00K
Type: SXE9573-A71-00-19J
WRRE08 kiểu đồng hồ lylon
Sunbest RFID VietnamCode: WR8864
Sunbest RFID VietnamCode: WR8861
Sunbest RFID VietnamCode: WR8869

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