HBL-01861472 SF6 gas bottle

Ref: 00.963.670-01. Set return stop to FK3-4 / FK3-5.
Ref: 00.963.639-01. Set replacement dashpot FK3-4 / FK3-5.
Ref: 00.963.660-01. Set trip-latching to FK3-4 / FK3-5
Ref: 00.963.699-01. Set revision charge gear FK3-4 / FK3-5
Ref: 59.752-01. Grease for high specific forces, 90g.
Ref: 59.752-02. Grease low temperature, 90g tube (Glattol 4103 982 982)
Ref: 59.801-01. Cleaning tissue Dispo-Tex Nova
Ref: 00.963.601-01. Set motor limit switch to FK3-4 / FK3-5.
Ref: 00.963.600-02. Set common small material.
Ref: 00.963.681-01. Set open latch step2 to FK3-4 / FK3-5.
Ref: 00.963.650-01. Set free wheel to FK3-4 / FK3-5.
Ref: 00.963.611-01. Set closing chain to FK3-4 / FK3-5.
Ref: HBL-01861472. SF6 gas bottle
Ref: HBKITPDR. Set of O-rings for SF6 gas pipe
Ref: HBKITPDR. Set of O-rings for SF6 densimeter
Coils (Tripping/closing) for GL317 for Phu My 4 CCPP S/N: 108495 0010 02.

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